Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kip McGrath?

Kip McGrath is an Australian teacher who began tutoring in Newcastle, Australia, more than 20 years ago. Together with his wife, also a qualified teacher, he devised carefully graded curriculum programs in the core subjects.

This traditional approach to teaching and learning is enhanced by the use of specifically designed computer software, textbooks, activity sheets, audiotapes and homework materials. The result is a motivating program designed to help children overcome their difficulties in Reading, Spelling, English and Mathematics.

These basic skills curricula have proved so successful, that there are now more than 500 Kip McGrath Education Centres across Australia, the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, South Africa and China.

Each Kip McGrath Education Centre is owned and operated by a qualified, experienced professional teacher who has received additional training in the Kip McGrath system.

What do Kip McGrath Education Centres do?

Kip McGrath Education Centres provide tutorial assistance to a wide variety of students. We cater for children who are having difficulty with their schoolwork, and for children who would like to be extended. Small class sizes mean that each student receives individual attention.

Our programs are designed to give students the motivation to succeed. We start at the child’s current ability level, and progress is then at the child’s own pace, so that he or she is extended and challenged, but never overwhelmed. Time is allowed for all concepts to be thoroughly understood before progressing on to the next stage. Many problems may have arisen with your child because school moved on with another area before the previous one was thoroughly learnt. Peer group pressure may have stopped your child asking for help, even when they knew they needed it.

We emphasise the positive aspects with every child so that outright failure is eliminated. Children do try when they know they can be successful. Kip McGrath Education Centres provide an opportunity to repair damaged self-esteem and confidence, in an atmosphere of encouragement where learning can be fun.

We provide the resources, the motivation and the expert tuition… the child does the rest.

In what areas can you help my child?

READING: All types of reading difficulties are catered for. These range from children who are virtual non-readers, to children who have only minor difficulties. Reading relates to every area of your child’s education, so if your child is weak in several areas we will usually suggest helping with reading first.

SPELLING: We cater for students who are in the early stages of spelling development, through to older pupils who have not yet developed spelling competencies. Not all children grasp spelling, as a skill they ‘pick up along the way’. Many need to be taught formally. A confident speller will also blossom as a better reader and writer.

ENGLISH: We assist students improve their skills in grammar, punctuation, word knowledge, written expression and formal essay writing.

MATHEMATICS: We help children who have missed out on the development and understanding of basic concepts, which prevent them from further progress. We also assist others who are just experiencing difficulty in one area of mathematics. And yes we do teach tables!

Do you undertake home tuition?

Kip McGrath Centres are stimulating places where learning is undertaken in invigorating surroundings. Children have a love of colour, shape and texture often way above that of an adult – so we strive to make our centre an inspiring environment where your child will want to work.

Importantly, the Centre is not the student’s home or the tutor’s home, where informality may prejudice effort or domestic disturbance may hamper performance. When your child enters the centre he or she knows they are there to work – and the most advanced resources available surround them.

At Kip McGrath there is nothing to sidetrack them from the important task of learning. Equally our centre is equipped to make this a challenging and fun activity – so your child will positively look forward to next week’s session.

In our experience the biggest problem parents face is getting their child to leave the Centre!

How are Centre owners and staff selected?

Before our appointment as a Kip McGrath Centre owner we underwent a rigorous selection process by Kip McGrath UK. We also undertake a similar process when selecting tutors to work in our Centre and it goes without saying that they are all carefully vetted prior to appointment both by Kip McGrath UK and by official State checks such as police CRB. Many of our tutors, in addition to formal qualifications and extensive state education experience, have areas of personal specialism and interest – be it dyslexia, learning difficulties, SEN or gifted children.

The one thing all our staff share is commitment, dedication, and a personal empathy with children – before their acceptance all have proved themselves to be patient and tactful, and have the skills and expertise to draw the best from our students.

Why do I have to bring my child for an assessment?

All assessments performed at this Centre are free and with no obligation. An important part of this appraisal is that an honest independent report is discussed with you, so that a mutual understanding of your child’s needs can be obtained, and to allow us to create an individual program.

If we feel that your child’s difficulties are minor and that the regular school will probably correct them, then we will say so. However in our experience, most parents are more aware of the basic issues than perhaps the teacher might be long before they decide to come to our Centre.

If we believe the situation warrants professional assistance we will outline what needs to be done. Either way you will be asked if you wish us to help solve their problem.


What happens in the sessions?

A lesson lasts for 80 minutes. During this time, students move between individual time with their tutor, computer work, and written studies, structured in six activity sessions.

Students work quietly on their own individual program, feeling significantly more comfortable with other pupils present. Students who are tutored in small group situations tend to ask more questions and seem to transfer the skills learned more readily, back into the classroom.

We use advanced computer software specifically written and extensively tested for Kip McGrath.

When are the sessions and how often will my child need to attend?

Sessions are held after school hours during the term, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and also on Saturday mornings. The weekday sessions are held from 4.00 pm to 5.20 pm, 5.30 pm until 6.50 pm and 7.00 pm to 8.20 pm. The Saturday sessions are held from 9.00 am until 10.20 am, from 10.30 am until 11.50 am and from 12.00 noon to 1.20 pm.

Most students come once a week for an 80-minute session. The number of sessions is always a parental decision. Some parents whose children are significantly behind, and wish quicker progress in one subject, request two sessions per week; a few of our students attend twice a week for additional help both in Maths and English.

Once you have paid the weekly fee there are no additional costs. Kip McGrath supply all writing materials, paper, worksheets, and use of our exclusive computer programs, homework sheets, reading tapes and a Kip McGrath Homework Folder.

Parents have the choice of paying termly or half termly in advance, or pay weekly at the beginning of each session.

Why do Kip McGrath students succeed?

Kip McGrath provides an opportunity to repair damaged self-esteem and confidence, in an atmosphere of encouragement, where learning is fun. We provide the resources, the motivation and the expert tuition, so your child will actively want to attend.

Success can be achieved in just a few sessions, or a term, maybe even more – but the process will take effect, because our tutors are trained to guide students to work at their own pace, and to achieve at levels above expectations without feeling this is arduous or tedious.

Your child will not merely learn and succeed – he or she will also learn to succeed, and that lesson well learned will often emerge in improved performance in other core subjects, plus a completely different attitude to school (and maybe even life) in general.


10 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. lizo says:

    How much are the lessons??

    • @moodybill says:

      Hi Sorry for the delay but the Christmas holidays intervened. There are a number of different payment types but the standard lesson is 80 minutes long and costs £30 as of January 2016. This works out at about £22 an hour

  2. elvonia says:

    My son is 7 and in grade 2 unable to read and forgets quickly struggling alot needs xtra lessons twice a week want to knw hw much it wil cost me

    • @moodybill says:

      Hi I’m sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you. Lessons cost £30 each, are 80 minutes long and individually designed to meet each student’s needs. We are all qualified teachers with many years experience in schools. We are Ofsted registered so you can pay using Childcare Vouchers which makes payment extremely cost effective. I hope this information helps and if you need any further advice please email

  3. @moodybill says:

    GCSE lessons are currently £35 each; KS3 and KS2 are £30

  4. Sarah says:

    For my daughter studying for her gcse next year, how much will it cost for the lessons . thank you.

  5. Rirhandu says:

    I would like to enroll my daughter at your programme,please send me more info concerning the fees and procedure

  6. Mapula Nkuna says:

    I would like to enrol my son for English extra lesson for reading

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