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What to say and what not to say to students

In response to the BBC article on what not to say to exam stressed teens, here’s a few personal and unresearched notes on what might work. Any further ideas gratefully received! Want a cuppa? Support is what is needed. Not … Continue reading

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Stop The Summer Brain Drain

Here’s an article which I wrote for the July/August issue of Families Leeds. STOP the SUMMER Brain Drain… How do you stop the hard work of the past academic year simply falling out of your child’s head over Summer? Should you … Continue reading

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Some Context for Students: An Inspector Calls

It’s tempting to read a book in isolation; the characters are imagined, the action just happens and we speed through the plot to get to the ending. No spoilers please! However, everything is part of a more complex web and just … Continue reading

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Confidence: which is better, a guideline or a tightrope?

I pinned this photo of a painting on my Parents board on Pinterest yesterday. A mother, with the best of intentions, is laying out a guide for her daughter to follow. The daughter dutifully walks the line. Both of them … Continue reading

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My reading list revolution for 2014

Resolutions are bit of a non starter for me. Just after the excess of Xmas they always seem a little bit sub denomination Protestant rather than High Anglican; always a little bit more subdued and serious Brethren than bells and … Continue reading

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Who are the unseen children?

Michael Wilshaw, Chief Inspector of Schools, is in many of the papers today because of a report Ofsted have produced discussing the educational welfare of “unseen” students. Who are these ‘unseen children’? Are they unseen because they are poor? There … Continue reading

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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? The Confidence Crusher!

What do you want to be when you grow up? This is a topic adults raise when talking to children the same way they raise the weather when talking to each other. When adults ask after the weather they recognise … Continue reading

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