‘Telling off’ from the viewpoint of a mother of a child with learning difficulties. Who does it really serve? What are the consequences?

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy

I want to preface this piece with a link to this post by a young teacher friend of mine on the art of telling children off.  We teachers do a lot of this, some of us indeed, seem to do nothing but, and it seemed to me, from my perspective of not only a teacher of children with SEN in a mainstream primary school but also a mother of a son with significant, if not profound learning difficulties, that I could add a little something extra, spread the light of understanding a little wider by introducing you to my ‘World of Challenging Behaviour’.

We are one of the lucky ones.

Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for the children I teach.  Oh, I don’t mean that I’m a total cowbag who eats children for breakfast in the manner of Miss Trunchbull, or that I am so lackadaisical that I never…

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