Dyslexia Advice and Links in Families Leeds Magazine


Families Leeds is a great magazine for parents of Primary age children in the Leeds area. I distribute it at my Kip McGrath tuition centre in Adel LS16 and recommend it to many of my parents. It is full of ideas for activities, articles about child health, and varied information for parents in the Leeds area.

Dyslexia is an important issue which I discuss with many parents. Most parents want to discuss their child’s confidence and a significant minority also want to discuss dyslexia.

This article from Families Leeds magazine gives a reasoned and considerate discussion of the basics. Please right click the above image to open the link.

I hope you find it useful.

Here also is a discussion on Sky News about dyslexia. It is a hot topic!

If you feel you need any advice or you need a ‘sounding board’ to find out if your child could be happier about Literacy, please contact one of the links in the article or email Bill Moody at tutorleeds@gmail.com


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