Five Quick Tips About Maths for Students and Parents

Most of the students who come to me come for extra maths tuition.

The most commonly used word when parents phone me at Kip McGrath to book an initial free assessment is “confidence”.

Students lack confidence with maths.

If you are a student, here are five quick tips to help get some control back over the way you think about maths. If you are a parent, you can identify which of these is holding back your child.

1 Teachers won’t make it more difficult as soon as you learn the basics. If you put time and effort into the basics, maths will actually get easier.

2 Learn your Times Tables. Times Tables offer a 3 For The Price Of One deal because once you know your tables, you also know your divides and your fractions.

3 If you make a mistake with maths it doesn’t matter! Some things you learn (and enjoyed learning) actually hurt more than maths and you still learnt them. Don’t believe me? How about falling off a bike or a skateboard? Mistakes are how we learn.

4 Ban the word “stuck”, as in, “I’m stuck on this sum” No one gets glued to maths! Don’t stop progress by saying you can’t move; simply ask for help. “I need help” suggests there is a solution even if you don’t have it at the moment.

5 The patterns are all important. Learning English is far more difficult than learning maths because language has so many irregularities. The basic patterns in maths repeat and once you have them, the maths world is yours to conquer!


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