Google Drive for Students

I’m a fan of social media and you can find me on Pinterest, twitter, Facebook (business page for my Kip McGrath Education Centre in Adel LS16), LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

They all have their own individual ways of sharing and connecting people and their different ways of working, but a benefit of being on Google Plus is that once you have signed up for free you also have access to a Google Drive account. If you have a Google email address already, the same is true. You don’t have to use Google Plus as a social networker to use Google Drive as one gmail address logs you in to every Google service.

Why is Google Drive so good for students?

Google Drive is a file storage facility that saves all your files, whatever the format, and it does this at no cost. You simply upload any file to Google Drive and that file is stored by Google online. And here’s the good bit for students: you can access that file from any computer. You don’t have to lug a laptop around with you or even a USB stick. Rock up to the library, school IT suite, wherever, and type in your pass code to get full access to your files.

The other fantastic thing about Google Drive is that you can create files with it. It has a word processor, a presentation creator, a spreadsheet program and more. Start creating a document at school and finish it at home.

Google Drive enables students to collaborate on documents with each other too. There is a sharing facility which bypasses email so that immediate comments can be made in real time. Students can add notes to a revision document with a classmate or update an ongoing project with fresh information. I have collaborated on documents like letters to University and essays with students and it’s really simple.

And it’s free.

Bear in mind Microsoft Office for students, or 365, or whatever it’s called these days is £59.99 and if you want the full service version it’s £100. You could use a rip off version but that’s up to you.

There are other note taking and curating programs which are reviewed on this blog, like Evernote but I recommend Google Drive to all my GCSE students.


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6 Responses to Google Drive for Students

  1. I love google drive. We use a contact form on our website linked to google drive and use it’s spreadsheet to collect all our data.

  2. Zoe Trodd ~ Kip McGrath Sevenoaks says:

    No more stress over a lost USB memory stick!

  3. I use google drive to store all our information as well any interesting and useful resources I have created. I give all my teachers the passcode and they can access these resources either at home or at the centre. It saves me copying files onto a USB stick and individually storing them on computer hard drives.

    • moodybill says:

      I have tried to suggest this as a means of sharing information for Kip as an organisation as a whole. Individual Centre Directors produce all kinds of goodness that can be shared. A Dropbox business account would work well too. Hasn’t happened yet!

  4. Suzy C says:

    Brilliant! Will definitely recommend this to my teenage sons. Very interesting and informative piece. Thank you 🙂

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