Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is often a difficult issue. In this World Radio Switzerland, interview, Rachel Melville Thomas, a child and adolescent psychotherapist, discusses relationships between children in families and the struggles that can take place as they try to assert themselves.

She makes the point that children tend to focus on the externals of achievement and appearance, rather than character. Things are much more immediate for children so talking to them at their level is important.

The advice is to work around the idea of personal bests, encouraging consistency against a standard the child is happy with, and beating their own personal bests rather than comparison.

Finding ways to talk about achievement is difficult. This discussion has many practical tips. For instance, Rachel advises picking the right moment to talk and suggests that often side by side creates a positive environment for communication as it is less confrontational; so when walking the dog or driving is likely to get better results than a family conference.

Please click the logo to go to the clip. It’s about 16 minutes long

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