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How To Prepare For the 2013 Year 6 SATs

Here is a link to a WordPress blog where fellow Kip McGrath Centre Director,  Samina Rashid gives hints and tips on how to prepare for the Key Stage 2 SAT exams. There’s a lot changing in education and keeping up … Continue reading

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William Klein: photography and stories

I visited the William Klein and Daido Moriyama  2013 exhibition one freezing Sunday in the canyons of Tate Modern. Klein is the grandfather of street photography. Long before everybody had a camera and shots of everyday life became commonplace, Klein captured … Continue reading

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Books for students: The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins

I found this book challenging for all kinds of personal reasons. You can see from this album on my Facebook page that I grew up as the son of Christian missionaries. I grew up amongst Buddhist (Thai) and Animist (Hmong) … Continue reading

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Revision rocks!

Time Make an early start. When is a good time to start? The beginning of year 11 will help prepare you for mock exams typically held around Xmas. Use all available time. ‘Little and often’ is a brilliant adage to … Continue reading

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Revision Habits at GCSE

Typical C Grade Candidate Knows that half the battle with revision is starting Creates a revision timetable Uses a variety of revision techniques Systematically reduces notes to key words Learns a whole range of material relating to a topic Uses … Continue reading

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This month’s Psychologies magazine (February 2013) has a fascinating piece on procrastination. Why do we put off doing things, what are the elements to understanding this behaviour and how can we challenge it? In a short double page spread, Professor Joseph … Continue reading

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Review: pearltrees and Evernote

Here are recommendations for two online services or cloud services I am using at the moment. Under review for about 6 weeks, pearltrees is new to me but I’ve been using Evernote for a couple of years. Both are great … Continue reading

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