Parent Information

At Kip McGrath Adel Leeds, we provide tutoring to children who are experiencing difficulty with their schoolwork.  Sometimes that difficulty comes from a lack of understanding, with the pupil falling behind his or her peers. Sometimes a gifted student may be insufficiently stretched by a daytime school programme that is below their capabilities and understanding.


We also provide an invaluable support to children who experience problems through absolutely no fault of their own; children who have moved schools, who have been ill or otherwise missed vital coursework.  In the regular school system, there are few opportunities and precious little time for a teacher to backtrack.

We help children achieve their potential.


We give them confidence. Our programmes are designed to give students the motivation to succeed.  No two children have the same needs, so every programme we devise is individual. There are no ‘standard’ Kip McGrath timeframes, and progress is at each student’s own pace, so they never feel overwhelmed.

We give them guaranteed success.

Children try harder when they attend Kip McGrath because achievement is there for them all, and this achievement is not only rewarding, it is fun.  From the moment students walk into our centre there are clear messages given to them; this is a place where they can learn and this is a place where it is fun to learn. We give them a second chance.

Hope, confidence, success and a second chance.  Don’t all children deserve at least that much?


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